Movement Challenges!

We are more than just Physiotherapy, this is a Movement.  A Movement we want YOU to be part of.

Movement is Medicine!  See how you stack up with our Movement Challenges.  We love to see your videos of our challenges too.  Like our Facebook Page and be sure to check in on Friday afternoons for the next challenge!


standing on one leg

This may seem easy but you'll be surprised. 

Aim for 60 seconds with arms across the chest!

Get out of camping chair

Who can get out of a camping chair WITHOUT using their hands?!  Give it a try!


get off of floor

Who can get off of the floor WITHOUT using their hands?!

Give it a Try!

Go down steps without hands

Do you find yourself using the railing going down the steps?  Try without it!


floor to feet hop

One of our toughest challenges yet! Give it a try!