We believe that all patients should be treated as if they were one of our own children or grandparents, and we will work diligently to make sure they receive the highest quality physical therapy treatment.

Not only do we improve pain and injuries, but we also strive to provide all patients with the confidence to be proud of their body and share it with the world. 

We are thankful for our past, current and future patients.  It is you who make us.  These are your stories.

Dr. Vaughan has given me hope! Due to age and a hypermobility disorder, my joints sublux and dislocate frequently and I would see my chiropractor sometimes 3 times in a week to put my joints back in place (neck, shoulders, hips, ribs, back). For years, I have increasingly limited my activity in fear of dislocating a joint. Dr. Vaughan is unlike any doctor or physical therapist I have seen. I have not needed my chiropractor in over a month and I am gaining strength and my pain has significantly decreased.
— Pam - Wake Forest, NC
I was expecting another back surgery due to the pain i was experiencing in my back, but after seeing Dr. Harrison Vaughan, he diagnosed the source of the pain and through his diligence and therapy, completely eliminated my pain which has not reoccurred in over 9 months since I saw him. I highly recommend him not only for his medical expertise, but also for his attention to my needs and friendly, personable and professional attributes.
— Randy
Harrison was an answer to a prayer when I injured my lower back. I could barely stand up when he first began treatment. We developed a plan that included spinal manipulation, stretching, dry needling and an at home exercise routine. I travel for work and he helped me learn techniques that I could relieve the pain on the road and in hotels.

Not only is he a great physical therapist, he is also extremely knowledgeable about current treatments that are non-invasive. He is very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and has a very caring and encouraging attitude toward his patients. Thanks for all you did for me Harrison!
— Jenne
After injuring my elbow and dealing with pain for over ten months, Dr. Harrison’s rehab gave relief after the first treatment. His therapeutic techniques, professionalism, and investment in his patient’s individual needs are reasons enough to highly recommend his services as a physical therapist.
— Michele
Harrison was able to help relieve me of my severe lower back pain. I had tried many other options that just treated the symptoms. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about the spine and I have not had pain in over a year because of his treatment. I would recommend any of my friends or family who are suffering to meet with Harrison. He provides quality and professional care and I am truly grateful for his expertise for helping me get pain-free.
— Bethany
I highly recommend Harrison Vaughan to anyone looking for a P.T. experience that is uniquely personalized to meet whatever specific concerns/needs you may have as a patient. I spent 2 1/2+ yrs under the care of Dr. Vaughn & learned a great deal from him during that time. He is a very kind, caring person & a highly skilled clinican. He truly cares about his patients & seems personally invested in watching them succed. Will give you the tools and information to guide you on your own path of wellness and healing. Dr. Vaughn is always willing to adapt & create a realistic care plan that is right for you.
— Cara
It is our pleasure to recommend Harrison for any physical therapy needs you have. He worked with our daughter to help resolve her hip and knee pain that got worse with sports. He was always so good with her and truly cared about her outcome. He is very compassionate and committed to each patient. Thankful for Harrison!
— Kristie
Dr. Harrison Vaughan helped me so much with my shoulders, wrists, & hands! As a full time massage therapist, they get a lot of strain so I saw him regularly while he was in South Hill, VA. Harrison always listened to what I was having trouble with every time I saw him....no cookie cutter treatment, but genuine, thoughtful care. In addition, he patiently guided my husband through recovery from a severe foot injury. The doctor’s had low expectations but Harrison’s attention to my husband’s individual case had him progressing almost immediately.
— Beth
I have been treated by Dr Vaughan for over four years for a myriad of issues including headache, neck pain, elbow pain, and low back pain. He not only helped considerably with pain, but also gave recommendations on return to sport and proper training so that I was able to return fully and quickly to lifting or running. If you are looking for pain relief or need help in your training, call PhysioFit NC.
— Caleb