We Are Not Alone

PhysioFit’s Anniversary Day for People in our Community

We are celebrating our one year anniversary week of April 22-27, 2019!

We could not be here a year later without the support of you and our community!  THANK YOU!

As we approach our one year anniversary, we thought what better way to celebrate than by giving back to our community.   We are giving back by having a week long celebration of life and asking for the community’s help for a young lady going through struggles. This year, we are hosting a local 2 year old child, Aaliyah Linen.

If you have ever had the chance you meet Aaliyah, her sweet smile and personality warms your heart and reminds you of the simple beauties found in daily life. 


Aaliyah Linen

Aaliyah was born with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome). Even though she has Down’s syndrome she doesn’t let that get her down! Aaliyah has a big personality all bottled up in that tiny body. That personality and good spirit has gotten her through countless hospitalization. At age 5 months it was discovered Aaliyah had complete tracheal rings. This makes it more difficult for her to fight off simple colds that most babies can get over at home. Since Aaliyah attended daycare full time she was susceptible to getting colds frequently. Along with tracheal rings Aaliyah has a “floppy airway” which led to her aspirating milk into her lungs when she would drink from a bottle. Due to her aspirating liquids in her lungs Aaliyah has to be fed directly in her stomach through a G-tube. Aaliyah spent the first year and a half of her life in and out the hospital at least once a month. Thus far she has had 2 procedures to repair the hole in her heart and to install her G-tube so she could eat. Now at 20 months Aaliyah is doing better but still going to need a major surgery to fix her tracheal rings. Throughout her hospital visit Aaliyah has always been happy and very strong. She doesn’t let her hospitalizations or Down syndrome dim her light. 

4 ways to help Aaliyah!


Plank it Forward

Monday, April 22 - Friday, April 27, 2019

Plank it Forward Week - for each minute a plank is held, Physiofit will donate $1 to Aaliyah’s family! You can plank in the park, gym, work or home! Even plank with a child or pet on your back :)

Post your time, video and/or picture of you doing a plank on our Facebook page. You need to post on our page so we know how much to give!

Tag your friends & family to see who can hold the longest!

Donation Classes

Saturday, April 27, 2019

We are having 3 donation classes with all proceeds going to Aaliyah’s family!

Please use links below to register & donate for the class.

gift basket.jpg

Raffle Giveaway

$3 a raffle ticket (all proceeds go to Aaliyah) to win gift cards and merchandise from local businesses!

Call our office or come to our location to place your raffle!

go fun me.png

Donate Directly to Aaliyah

If Planks, Studio classes or local business merchandise aren’t your thing, you can donate directly to Aaliyah!

Click Here for direct link to her page!