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Your pain & injuries deserve extraordinary treatment.

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Physical Therapy

We help our community find Faster and Natural Solutions to Return to Activities they LOVE to do, stay mobile and healthy.

Oh, and we do this without the use of pain pills, injections, repeated doctor visits or surgery! 

When was the last time your doctor spent 30-60 minutes with you?!

We help people in our community just like you!

Fitness Studio

Ever had rehab for your injury, then discharged after 8 weeks & unsure what to do besides your home exercises?

Or, do you want to exercise but get lost and disgruntled in a big gym & not have personal attention without paying extra for a trainer?!

We are your studio if you have medical conditions and injuries.

We help people in our community just like you!

What People Are Saying About PhysioFit of NC...

Dr. Vaughan has given me hope! Due to age and a hypermobility disorder, my joints sublux and dislocate frequently and I would see my chiropractor sometimes 3 times in a week to put my joints back in place (neck, shoulders, hips, ribs, back). For years, I have increasingly limited my activity in fear of dislocating a joint. Dr. Vaughan is unlike any doctor or physical therapist I have seen. I have not needed my chiropractor in over a month and I am gaining strength and my pain has significantly decreased.
— Pam - Wake Forest, NC