Feel It to Heal It Physio™

Want to feel balanced with stretches and exercises?

Our approach is alone can help pain and also a perfect complement to your current exercise routine, chiropractic, massage or acupuncture treatments.

The following are patient education videos so you know at WHERE strengthening and stretching exercises are supposed to be felt!  This is our approach to movement and pain.  No where else has the Feel it to Heal it Physio™ Approach.  Come see your local physical therapy experts in Wake Forest, NC for your injury and performance needs. 

Move Intelligently. Feel Better.


Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

This could be the reason why you are having neck pain, shoulder pain, cervical radiculopathy and even shoulder and upper back pain! If you're looking down for a stretch at home, but not feeling symmetrical stretch in your neck area, but having asymmetrical "hot spots" or down in your back, then you aren't getting the most out of your stretches and may be reason why you aren't getting better!