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I was treated by Dr. Harrison Vaughan for my sports injury several times and could not have been more pleased with his recommendations and the outcome. He’s very caring and showed a genuine interest in my health and goals. We worked on a plan “together” to get me back up and running. Follow up was amazing and made me feel like he really cared. Highly recommend :)
— Hope

As an athlete, you demand a high level of function from your body. You want to remain pain-free and achieve optimal performance.  We identify and correct physical problems that cause pain and diminished performance. They can help you maximize your performance and prevent reinjury.

Our goal is to devise a treatment plan that restores strength, mobility and range of motion while correcting movement impairments. And just as every athlete is different, so too are the ways everyone experiences injuries. That’s why following a thorough evaluation, an evidence-based treatment plan is constructed and tailored to each athlete.

Variety of treatment techniques

We use a wide variety of treatment techniques to help you get back to your sport. Our therapists are trained to provide manual therapy aimed at restoring optimal movement patterns necessary for remaining healthy in your sport. Studies have shown this to be more effective at returning patients/athletes to their active lifestyles more quickly.

If you are looking to recover from an injury or enhance your performance, we can show you how. Runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, and lifters and others have successfully returned to their sports after completing rehabilitation and performance enhancement training at PhysioFit of NC.

Discover how PhysioFit of NC can help you get back to feeling better and living better.  

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My son was treated for sports related back and shoulder pain. He really enjoyed working with Dr. Vaughan and I must add he is a very tough critic when it comes to doctors, dds, etc. We highly recommend his services.
— Melissa
At 43 I decided to become a runner. I was thirty pounds over weight and very fond of my sofa, but I had a goal that I was determined to reach. Not surprisingly, soon after I put foot to pavement, I began having issues – after all, I was a novice with zero training. Having first experienced Dr. Harrison Vaughan as a physical therapist approximately 7 years prior when I had an accident related problem with my shoulder and back, I knew Harrison was the professional to see to help me meet my objectives. Just as with my first experience, Harrison was interested in seeing me succeed and maintain good overall health. He was interested in helping me achieve a pain free state and accomplishing all of my goals. He quickly identified my problem, developed a plan of action and guided me through looking/planning for my running future. In a very short period, his knowledge, assistance and guidance supported me as I ran my first half marathon. As my desire to continue to pursue goals in my sport grew, Harrison was there to support me. There was no doubt that he was invested in my good health and fitness. Over the course of the following three years, Harrison was my trusted “guru” for the typical runner’s woes – he addressed my hip flexors, my knee/IT band, my back and more! Quite frankly, I would never have accomplished the 15 half marathons, 2 marathons and numerous 5&10K runs that I did without him. He was and is a plethora of knowledge; he is professional, personable, supportive and dependable. Whether it is to “fix you up” after an accident or to keep you on a healthy track physically, Dr. Harrison Vaughan is the individual you need to see!
— Shannon