Movement is Medicine

If you want to live an active lifestyle, we help you avoid:

  • Confusion about what you are feeling from your body (what we call noise) when you exercise, move, or even sitting still

  • Not being ready to start an exercise program due to fear, pain or medical conditions.

  • A lack of transparency from your other healthcare team

  • A lack of one-on-one interaction with Movement and Pain advisor

  • Hidden fees

Specific Conditions We Treat

We specialize in chronic pain and pride ourselves in helping you when other options have failed or you are plateauing with your progress.

Helping you recover from chronic pain requires a specialist with advanced training, skillful hands-on treatment, and extensive experience.

We have it all.

What sets us apart?


Drs. Harrison and Danielle Vaughan know the difference in having a life with and without consistent pain that keeps you from enjoying what you want to do.  We hope to fill you with self-confidence and knowing that you can overcome injuries to be free and happy.  

We focus on you, your pain and optimize how you move in private sessions.  We want you to be a knowledgeable advocate for your musculoskeletal health.

We would like to bring such a transformation to your life.  


The PhysioFit Difference


We invite you to become a part of the PhysioFit of NC family, a place where you will be treated with respect and individualized attention.  We are not a high volume marketing organization. We value your comfort and treat you like family. 

Call us “old fashioned.”

We believe in a mix of modern physical therapy treatment in a small practice so we can offer individual high quality care in an unhurried, personal setting.


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Doctors Danielle and Harrison Vaughan are very excited to bring their Physiotherapy product to the Wake Forest, NC region. With almost 20 yrs of combined experience, you will not find Physiotherapy services like ours in the area. With specializations in back/neck pain, pelvic floor and vestibular conditions, we bring the most up to date and natural treatments to you. Patients love the simplicity and openness of our healthcare. The expertise alongside our 1:1 care proves our approach is both unique and personable.

Experience how we can help you.

Treating you like family

As healthcare advances into more corporations and larger systems with less community involvement, we knew we did not want to continue our careers in that path.  Danielle and Harrison opened their doors to provide physical therapy services the same way as they would treat their own family.  That is why we only treat you one on one in a simple, convenient and transparent manner.  We hope this provides you the most seamless experience and fastest results to get you back to what you love to do.  To learn more about what others have to say about us, feel free to read our reviews on Google and Facebook.   

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We are more than just Physiotherapy, this is a Movement.  A Movement we want YOU to be part of.

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